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Friday, January 31, 2003

Got to the church at about 1o:3o pm - Harvey and Tab wanted me to help them get ready for the retreat, so I did more photocopying, and did a form for Grow, a camp that's happening the end of this month at Belgrave Heights. It's a VCYC thing. Sons of Korah, Ambassador77 and Spoonfed are playing there.
At about 4:oo pm we packed all the stuff into Harvey and Tab's cars and drove out through Carngham to Snake Valley, where the retreat is. It's at Snake Valley Adventure Camps, which is next to a lake.
We got everything set up, and then had cornflakes for tea because we couldn't be bothered going to the shop.
Then Giles, Dave Who Is Not Called A Doctor and Micky turned up. They'd left from Giles' house, which is halfway between Ballarat and Snake Valley, so they didn't have to far to go.
The others all turned up late, about 8:oo pm.

The beds here are really short. My feet stick over the edge. Scott's decided to sleep on the floor. Greggy only just fits in his bed, and thinks it's very comfortable.

Thursday, January 30, 2003

This afternoon I went to the church, 'cause last nigth Harvey asked if I could do the youth group programs for fist semester. Harvey wasn't there yet, so I went over to Hannah and Tab's place (the Greggs' old place) until he turned up and had lunch with myself and Tabitha.
Then we went over to the church church. I did a heap of photo copying for the Youth Ministry Team Retreat, then did the 11up (grade six to year 10) programs and then the Now! (VCE and up) programs, printed then, photocopied and guillotined them.

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

This morning I read about half of Robert E Coleman's book, Master Plan of Evangelism*, which Tab bought us all copies of at Wavemakers. Part of Wavemakers was based on Master Plan. It outlines an evangelism guideline based on Jesus' ministry. The language is very hard to understand though, 'cause the book was written about 4o years ago. Harvey says he wants to tray and get permission to rewrite it in modern language.

This afternoon Trav came over. He had to enrol at the uni this morning, and this afternoon he's going to see Terry at St Pat's. He's staying at the Bach pad tonight, and tomorrow he's going to continue his quest for a job.

Tonight Trav, Scott and I went to Tab, Hannah and Mark's house warming, which was also a surprise farewell party for Adam and Ruth.

Also, Trav's site is now back up. And Robot Frank returns on Saturday.

*Or Plaster Man, as Harvey and his friend Warrick call it.

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

At about 1:3o this morning Scott turned up at the Bach Pad. The last few weeks he's been all over the state, including Geelong, Port Campbell and Warrnambool. Well, he's been all over the state's west coast.
The small group he and Ruth lead were going out for tea tonight because Ruth and Adam are moving to Melbourne soon.

This afternoon Matt Deutsch, who Scott led on an ESA camp with earlier in the month, came over for a while.

Tonight I finished reading What's So Amazing About Grace?

Monday, January 27, 2003

Today my family came up for the Australia Day holiday, and brought me some food.
We went to Mt Buninyong, and then Lake Wendo and the Ballarat Botanical Gardens.

Tonight I called Aitcho, who told me about a script he is working on. He's not sure if he'll actually film it, but it sounds very good, possibly his best so far.

Afterwards I finished reading Night Watch. I found it a lot different to Pratchett's previous novels. It was a lot more serious. And I liked it a lot more than his previous book, Thief of Time, which has a similar theme, but wasn't as interesting as I've come to expect.

Sunday, January 26, 2003

Went to church this morning.
Greggy has a new phone which has a camera on top of it. Apparently Minigregg got one first though.
We got lunch at a certain fast food franchise, then went to Matt and Kelly's house and watched The Skulls.
Afterwards I went with Heather to Tab and Hannah's house, where we all watched Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. They reckoned I wouldn't like it at all, but I actually thought it was pretty funny, and the music was good. I don't know why it's called Gentlemen Prefer Blondes though.

Saturday, January 25, 2003

Today I was so hot I just stayed inside all day. I was supposed to go to Jo's party for her 19th at the Ballarat Botanical Gardens, but I didn't have any money for the bus, and it was way to hot to walk all the way.

Friday, January 24, 2003

Weather: still smokey.

They're resurfacing Eddy Ave or something.

Today Crystal and Nathan (Crystal's brother, who's moving into the Bach Pad when Russel is fully moved out) came to get some of Russel's stuff.
Crystal says Russel is sick and tired of Croatia and wants to come home.

Thursday, January 23, 2003

Today I got a $25 book voucher in the mail from Grandma, for my birthday. Used it to buy Tomorrow, when the War Began by John Marsden and Guide to Tolkien. At 6:oopm I went to St Pat's. Terry showed me all around the school, and explained everything I had to do. He said I'll probably be be working Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons, and asked if I knew anyone else who was looking for work. Said Trav was, so he said to tell Trav there was still work available here.

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

This morning Heather called me to say that they need cleaners at St Patrick's College, in town. She found out because she does the accounting there. She gave me the number for the head cleaning guy, Terry. He doesn't actually clean heads though.
I called Terry, and he said to come up to St Pat's tomorrow night.
Tonight we had a practice for the Sunday after next's youth service. I'm worship leading on my own for the first time.

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

This morning Trav came over for a while. He's in Ballarat looking for a job.

After lunch I went to the church 'cause Harvey asked me to do some admin for him.

Once evrything was finished we went to Harvey and Mary's house for dinner. Harvey also got me some food vouchers and a frozen casserole from the church.

After tea we went back to the church, because there was a youth serices meeting. Tab was unloading her stuff from a trailer at the manse (she's moved in there with Hannah and Mark now that the Greggs have bought a house), so Harvey, Al and I helped her, then we had the meeting.

Also, Hannah is now an aunt. Her sister had a baby girl today.

Monday, January 20, 2003

There's smoke everywhere. Apparently it's from Myrtleford, about 175 km away.

Went to Centrelink again today. They cut my money because dad didn't do his tax. Exactly the same thing happened last year, but he obviouly didn't learn. I called him and he says he'll get it done, because he's got time off work.

Sunday, January 19, 2003

On the way to church this morning with Heather and Tab we went past this property in Sebastopol that was mostly burnt up. Luckily, the flames hadn't quite reached the house.

After church we decided to go up to St Georges Lake in Creswick, for a barbeque/picnic and a swim.
Tab asked if I had any food at home, and I said, 'No,' so she gave me some bananas.

Saturday, January 18, 2003

Today I went to Centrelink in town. Unfortunately they were closed, so I did some shopping instead with some money my parents lent me.

Tonight' Harvey called and said everyone was invited over to his and Mary's house to watcha film. I got a lift with Heather and Dave Who Is Not Called A Doctor. We watched Contact, which was very good. I kept thinking it was nearly over, but there was always another plot twist. Except at the very end.

Friday, January 17, 2003

Today we did some stuff on coaching leaders, community and multiplying disciples rather than adding them. In other words, training the people we disciple to make more disciples rather than just discipling people ourselves.

After the seminar was finished, Maxi and Deb came to take Tabitha to Warragul, where they're going to a wedding. I hadn't met Maxi before, although I'd heard a lot about him. Apparently he used to live in Ballarat, and taught a number of people to drive. Deb lives in Warragul now, where she'll be working as a teacher soon.

Tonight Harvey, Giles and I had dinner with Harvey's dad, Mr Bishop, who Harvey's been quoting all week. He has a pulpit in his flat, and heaps of photos, including from Harvey and Mary's wedding, back in 1960-something.
Mr Bishop helped open the first Kmart in Australia, and is now involved with the Australian Christian Businessmans Association. He says a lot of the members don't want their colleagues to know their Christians though.

Coming into Melton on the way home, all the ground was burnt, from the bushfires.
I got home about 9:oo pm.

Thursday, January 16, 2003

This morning I went to the bank with Tab, because yesterday I decided to sponsor a kid in Ecuador through Compassion. His name's José.
Unfortunately there was no money in the bank, even though there should've been $203 from Centrelink since yesterday.
About two days before Christmas they'd sent me a letter saying they were going to cut off my Youth Allowance on the 15th of January. Since I was leaving for Warrnambool the day after Boxing Day, I couldn't go to Centrelink myself and find out why they were cutting me off, so I asked my mum to. They told her it was a mistake, and it would be fixed up. Obviously it wasn't. I couldn't go to Centrelink today because of the seminar, so I called my mother and asked her if she could again.
Tab's lent me some money until Centrelink put me back on.

Today we did some stuff on building relationships and being a model of Christ. We spent most of the afternoon just listening to God.
After today's seminar was finished we all went to Nunawading Pool, where we had a barbeque, and went for a swim.
Kevin, one of the guys from Balwyn, went on the Tarzan rope, not realising that the water was about 3m deep. We didn't realise he couldn't swim. The lifeguard used a pole to help him out.

Mum called back and said that now Centrelink won't tell her anything because of privacy!

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Went for a walk with Giles and Tab this morning, along the Dandenong Creek

We started Wavemakers today with worship, then went into some stuff about making disciples and about how outreach is going out to people, not trying to drag them into the church. Kim got up and talked about The Junction, a church community he's leading in a pub, to reach out into pub culture.

Tonight we drove down to Dandenong, where we bought lunch at a certain fast food franchise, then walked to a park, where I sat and watched the skaters. The new skate park in Ballarat is going to be based on the one in Dandenong. I talked for a while to a Maori guy who was teaching his nephews to skate.
At the same time Harvey was talking to some men who were refugees from Afghanistan. Some of them had had tom leave their families behind until they had enough money for them to join them in Australia. One of them had studied theology in India, and had come to the conclusion that God is one.
Giles was talking to this guy while Tab played with his daughter in the sandpit. Carin was watching a game of touch football with two girls from New Zealand.
We eventually decided we should be getting back to the house, but there were two Muslim girls (they had headscarves on) playing basketball who Carin wanted to talk to, so the rest of decided we'd wait ten minutes at the picnic tables.
There was a couple from Adelaide there, who were travelling around Australia working on farms and stuff, something Laz wants to do some time soon. The woman (they were a heterosexual couple) grew up in Dandenong. Harvey talked to them for a while, while they cooked their dinner on the barbeque.
After about forty minutes I decided to go and see if Carin was nearly ready to go. The two girls Carin had been talking to were playing basketball again, and two other Muslim women were talking to Carin about how Osama bin Laden and George Bush make both our faiths look bad. I came over and they asked her if she belived I was superior to her because I'm male and she's female, and she said, 'No,' I and I agreed. They disagreed. They started saying how most Anglos think they're all terroists, and try to avoid them especially since that ignoramus from the Christian Democrats said that Muslim women shouldn't be allowed to wear headscarves because they could be using them to hide bombs. I said I thought that was stupid as well, because a bomb could be hidden in any kind of clothing. Then they pointed out how amusing it is that in most depictions of Mary she has a headsarf on. Apparently Islamic women see Mary as their prophet, because there are no female prophets recognised by Islam.
Giles, Tab and Harvey came over and said we had to go. Before we left, one of their kids, she looked about two years old asked Carin where God was. Carin said that God was everywhere. Then the kid asked if Giles was God, and Giles said, 'No.'

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Went for a walk early this morning with Harvey, Tab and Giles (Carin was asleep sitll).

Most of Wavemakers today was about spiritual life and leadership, and we spent a lot of time just listening to God.
Today I went and spoke to Arty. I recognised him from a time when I went to Peb (a friend from Fairhills High School)'s church, where Arty used to be the youth minister. Now he works for Youth Dimension.
I also met Jodie, from Knox Baptist, who does Student Focus at Fairhills with her husband Chris. They've also been working with the student counsellor, and were allowed to go on the year 1o trip to Queensland. Knox Baptist is also planning to move it's offices to Fairhills, and also open graphic design and recording studios which the students will also be able to use.

After we'd finished for the day we did some shopping for dinner, then went back to Heathmont to cook.

After dinner we drove up to the observatory at Mt Dandenong and looked at the city, which looks a lot nicer from as far way away as Mt Dandenong.

Monday, January 13, 2003

At about 7:oo his morning Harvey picked me up from the Bach Pad, and we drove with Giles and Tabitha across Victoria and through Melbourne, to Knox Baptist Church in Knoxfield, where Wavemakers is being held.

We went inside, and there were all these rectangular tables, which where kind of pointing to the front of the church. One had a piece of paper on it saying 'BALLARAT' so we thought maybe we should sit there. Carin arrived from Doveton (she's staying with her parents for the holidays).
Today we did some stuff on the main problems that appear in youth ministry, the life cycle of an organisation and working out what God has planned for us.

After everything was finished we went to a café at Knox City and Harvey and Tab explained how youth ministry will work this year at Wendouree.
At about 6:oo pm we went to my parents' place for tea. Only my parents and Nitsuj were there because Doomie's gone to Venus Bay with his friend Ollie's family.

While the confrence is on we're staying in Heathmont, in the home of two guys (they're brothers) from Harvey's old church, who are going to Phillip Island tomorrow for a holiday with their Dad. They're hoping their sister'll come as well.

Sunday, January 12, 2003

Went to church this morning.

This afternoon a heap of us went over to Matt and Kelly's place and just sat around in the backyard. At one point we climbed The Tree.
We also watched Enigma. At the start I thought it was going to be boring, but it was in fact quite good.

On Tuesday Erin's flying to London (stopping in Los Angeles) to stay with her sister for about three weeks. They're planning on going to France for a weekend.

Saturday, January 11, 2003

Today I finished reading Walk On and started reading Philip Yancey's What's So Amazing About Grace?, which Trav gave me for my birthday, wrapped in someone's towel, as he had no wrapping paper. The interesting thing is that What's So Amazing About Grace? is actually mentioned in Walk On.

Friday, January 10, 2003

Today I didn't wake up until about 11:oo am.
I caught the train to Ballarat, then the bus to the uni, where I paid my rent for the next fortnight and for the first four weeks of the academic year. Unfortunately I couldn't find the form I was supposed to bring, but Penny says it's okay if I just bring it in when I get back from Wavemakers. Also, the Bach pad is apparently being renovated next week while I'm at Wavemakers.

Thursday, January 09, 2003


*I am referring, of course, to The Living End (my favorite Australian band since Midnight Oil split), who I just saw play at Brass Monkey in Narre Warren. As Aitcho said, now everything sounds like a low quality mp3. Unfortunately we had to leave early because Takashi and Aitcho are going into the city tomorrow morning to renew Takashi's working visa, Angela has to work and I am going to Ballarat.

Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Today I called the guy from the Baptist Church camp in Halls Gap, to find out if it'll be available at the end of Novemeber, and how much it'll cost, so Andrea can consider using it for the Warrnambool Beach Mission team weekend this year.
I also called accommodation services at the uni, to say that I want to continue living at the Bach Pad this year. Apparenty I was meant to tell them that last Friday. I have to hand the forms in on Friday, when I go up to Ballarat to pay the rent*.

Tonight Angela went to Zagames on her own because I couldn't contact her to say it was off. She says she'll organise something tomorrow night.

I just posted a letter to Wu Tao, the Chinese ambassador to Australia, concerning an attack on Chinese Christians that occurred on Sunday.

*Russel can't pay it this fortnight as he is in Croatia on a Students for Christ mission trip.

Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Today I went and saw Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers with Aitcho. I really liked their interpretation of Gollum/Smeagol.

Some of my friends want to 'do something' because it was my birthday on Sunday. I decided to try and organise going out to Zagames in Boronia for tomorrow night. I called Angela and Aitcho and told them. Then I called Dr Dave, who told me that Nadine was organising for my friends from my old church to come over to her place tonight to celebrate it, but I wasn't meant to know. So I have to call Aitcho and Angela to tell them tomorrow night's cancelled.

At Nadine's we played Balderdash, which was rather amusing. Nadine had made a cake from doughnuts. Dr Dave gave me a copy of Puckoon, Spike Milligan's first novel and a birthday card, which says inside,

    To Christop,
    Merry Christmas
    Happy East B day!
    From Dave

Monday, January 06, 2003

This afternoon I went to Borders and bought Walk On, by Steve Stockman, which is about U2's spiritual journey, and why the church is generally against them.
I also got a watch, to replace the one that stopped working on Beach Mission.

When I got back to my parents' place I called Harvey to find out what's going on with the Wavemakers seminar next week and get the number for the Baptist camp in Halls Gap so I can find out if we can use it for Beach Mission team weekend in November.

Sunday, January 05, 2003

At about 1:oo am, by which time I'd gotten about as far as Knox City, Nadine, who was driving past, pulled over and told me to get in. She didn't lecture me or anything, but disagreed with how I'd handled the situation.

Got woken up at about 7:oo am because it's my 19th birthday, and basically the whole day'd been organised for me.
In the morning we had to go to Uncle Phillip and Auntie Wendy's church in Warburton because they were having a farewell service for my cousin Matt because he's joining the Navy, and will have to live on a ship now, meaning they'll lose about a third of their youth.
After that we had to go to Uncle Phillip and Auntie Wendy's for lunch. After lunch I played pool with Psychick (my cousin, Matt's sister), Levi (Psychick's boyfriend) Glenn, Greg, Doomie, Nitsuj (my youngest brother), Kristen (Matt, Psychick, Glenn, Greg and Andrea's cousin*), Amy (Kristen's sister) and Tim (Kristen's brother).
After this we had to go to Uncle John (my mum's twin brother) and Auntie Joyce's house in Panton Hill. We swam in their pool.

*At first this will seem strange because Matt and Psychick aren't siblings of Glenn, Greg and Andrea. What happened was Uncle Ian and Auntie Jenny got married, then Auntie Jenny's sister (Auntie Wendy) married Uncle Ian and my dad's brother (Uncle Phillip. So Andrea, Greg and Glenn are cousins to Matt and Psychick on their mothers and father's side of the family.

Saturday, January 04, 2003

This morning we packed everything up and cleaned. I went with Glenn, Greg, and Ian to the shed at the Uniting Church, where the team's stayed up until this year, so do an inventory.

We had lunch at Kermond's Burger Bar. I had a bacon and egg burger and chips.

After lunch we left Warrnambool.
Those of us who were going to Melbourne stopped at a certain fast food franchise in Waurn Ponds. This was the same certain fast food franchise we went to the morning after after Scott's 21st, where Leigh ate ten incredibly greasy hash browns.
Got back to my parents' place about 6:oo pm.

Kevin called at about 6:3o pm, asking if he and Charlie could borrow the operating system disc from my parents' computer again in order to fix Kevin's computer and continue to update their website, It's The Go. I said I'd try to get it to them tomorrow.
After I hung up, my mother told me that the whole day's planned out tomorrow, even though it's my birthday. And I couldn't find the disc anyway.

I got a lift with Nadine to Ewok's house, because it's her 21st. It was a purple party, and the only purple item of clothing I had access to was Greg's cloak from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, which Stoz wore as Dr Nasty Person. So I wore that for an hour, until it got to hot.
There were a man and a woman at the party who were getting people to do all this 'drawing energy' out of people, talking about 'asking the universe' for things and saying that when someone prays to Jesus or Mohammed or whoever, it's all the same, they're really just communicating with the universe. Most of the people they were talking to and getting to do this drawing energy out thing were people from my old church, but they weren't saying they disagreed with any of it or that they were Christians. One of them said, 'Hey, I should try that.' I tried to ask them questions, but they kept either ignoring me or pretending they were going to answer my question and then somehow going off and talking about something completely different.
I wasn't feeling comfortable at all, so I left. Then I came back and said to the two New Agers, 'I don't think what yous're talking about's from God, I think it's from Satan.'
'It's fine for you to think that,' said the guy.
'I just want everyone here to know I don't agree with it,' I said.
'Yeah, that's fine for you to think that,' said one of the church people.
And I left once more.

Friday, January 03, 2003

Apparently Andrea found the Professor this morning with a red stain. Luckily it washed out.

In the drama today, Dr Nasty Person cracked it at Pizza Kid for dropping him, so Pizza Kid quit and went back to the pizza shop.
As the Desert Detectives were leaving the desert, they found a letter from the Paul, the first Christian missionary, and sent it to the Professor.
And Dr Nasty Person was reunited with the Porter.

In our group we talked about how after Jesus went back to Heaven the believers went out all over the world and wrote letters to people to spread the news. We explained that we were doing the same thing, and so could they.
We spent the rest of the time rehearsing our act for the concert we had tonight.

Thursday, January 02, 2003

This morning, when I went down to the dining room for breakfast, I found Derek's limp, lifeless body hanging from the doorway. There was another blood-stained note, this time saying that everyone with the letter S or C in their name had to be relieved from duties, or the Professor would be next. First everyone thought it was Stoz and Cara, because they found Stubert and have their names start with C and S. Then I pointed out that my name has both a C and an S in it.
Shortly after breakfast, Naomi arrived. Naomi is one of the bigwigs from Scripture Union, and had just visited Port Fairy and Portland missions in the last few days.

This morning, in the drama, a Pizza Kid (Doomie) delivered Dr Nasty Person a cheese and beetroot pizza, and Dr Nasty Person decided to hire him as his new nasty assistant.
The Desert Detectives dug up an old book, and went to send it off to the Professor.
Dr Nasty Person tried to teach Pizza Kid to do an evil laugh, but he wasn't very good at it.

Andrea brought the Professor the old book the Desert Detectives had found. The Professor realised that the Mighty GodSword was actually the Mighty GodsWord, the Bible, which he'd had all along.

This morning Matt, Anthony K and Daniel came. We talked to them about what Jesus taught, how he went against what the corrupt Pharisees and Teachers of the Law said and did, and how he gave his life so we could all be saved from sin.

Since there was an afternoon program (Sand Castle Competition*), we had lunch with the kids. Matt wasn't staying for the Sand Castle Competition, so he went home for lunch. Daniel hadn't brought his lunch, so Trav and I took Daniel and Anthony to Daniel's place at Caravan Park 2 so he could get some food.
On the way there Anthony said we should have programs at the Tourist Information Centre, so more people will know about Beach Mission and bring their kids. I reckon we should have them at the schools and the public library as well, next year. Plus there's a Christian radio station starting up in Warrnambool soon...

After lunch we took all the kids to the beach, and had the Sand Castle Competition, which was judged by the Queen of Warrnambool (Naomi). The 5/6 boys made a sea monster, and got a prize for the most imaginative entry.

Tonight Nat and I are on security at the marquee. Nat has the Professor in the boot of his car. Before going to sleep we had a game at Lake Pertobe Mini Golf. Nat won. A couple of nights before Glenn beat him, and won the male record for Lilydale.

*Glenn thinks it should be called a Sand Thing Competition, because no one ever makes a castle.

Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Fireworks went off in one of the back yards near the church.
Cara and Stoz ran screaming into the Geography Room (the main room, which has a huge map of the world on one wall). They'd found Stubert with duct tape over his mouth and his hands tied. He had no pulse. There was a blood-stained note, demanding that a block of chocolate be left under Hugh's car, or another puppet would be brutally murdered. Cara, Stoz and Cort Nii buried Stubert under a tablecloth.
Andrea told everyone to go to bed.

This morning, during breakfast, Trav, Andrea, Cort Nii and I did a citizens arrest on Cara and Stoz because we believed they killed Stubert. However, they were tried and found innocent. Some have suggested that this outcome was due to corruption in the police force.
We had Bible study, then went to the caravan parks to scoop.

Today I had to do backup vocals at the morning program.

In the drama, the Porter was so tired from carrying Dr Nasty person through the desert that she collapsed, so Dr Nasty Person decided to get rid of her.
The Desert Detectives were still trying to find the Mighty GodSword. Doug asked June to pass him the rake, and she thought he said 'snake' because she was listening to the radio, so she passed him a snake. Doug jumped and threw it to Sandy. Sandy threw it back to Doug and fell over. Doug threw it up in the air and it landed on Sandy. Doug was going to kill the snake with his shovel, and 'make a snake and kidney pie', but June stopped him because it was her pet snake.
Doug unearthed a disposable nappy. He got a spoon out of his boot and began to eat from it. Doug and Sandy grabbed it so they could go and post it to the Professor.
Dr Nasty Person led the Porter back on stage, shouting, 'Slave for sale! She's not very good, but she can do the simple chores. Going cheap!'

Andrea brought the Professor his mail again. He had a look at the nappy from a safe distance, then Monster appeared. He told the Professor that he'd made him a cookie and cheese sandwich this time, instead of cheese and cookie, but he'd decided to eat the cookies, so it was just a cheese sandwich. Monster was unhappy because he didn't have 'much wise' like Derek, who knew all the answers in a school test that Monster failed. But the Professor told Monster that being wise wasn't about knowing things, but knowing how to use the knowledge you've got and acting sensibly. This reminded the Professor of a story from chapter five of the First Book of Kings. Two women both said they were the mother of a baby. King Solomon offered to chop the baby in half so each of the women could have a piece, because he knew the real mother would let the other woman have the child rather than let him/her be killed. 'Maybe the nappy that the Desert Detectives sent me belonged to that baby,' suggested the Professor.

Today we had three kids in our group - Anthony K, Matt and John. John is Matt's friend, and stayed at his place for New Year's Eve.
We talked to the guys about how King Sol had wisdom because he asked God for it (1st Kings 3), and based his life on God. Unfortunately, he got a whole heap of wives and prostitutes who didn't base their lives on God. He stopped basing his life on God, and things went crap.
We talked about things that people base their lives on, like cars, money, popularity, and came to the conclusion that God was the only one that was eternal.

Today was Cooks Day Off, so we all went to kids' caravans, cabins and houses for lunch. On Monday Rachel invited me to have lunch at her house, but then this morning she changed her mind and decided she didn't want anyone coming over for lunch. So Erica and I went to Shayna and her two sisters' house. Shayna's dad was Trav's Phys Ed teacher last year, and studied at UoB. Her mum was Emily's fill-in music teacher. Shayna's Grandma gave us tomato soup, sandwiches and doughnuts.
When we got back to the church we found out that Glenn had had a cheese and cookie and bacon and lettuce and tomato sandwich. His stomach gurgled all through siesta.

After siesta Ian and Karen went back to Bendigo.
I went with Laura, Jem, Brooke and Erica to the launderette. We left our clothes to wash, then met the others at the beach.
We waded out to a rocky, bush-covered island that was densely populated with penguins, mostly dead.
Laura, Jem, Brooke, Erica and I went back to the launderette to dry our clothes, and I got a photo of myself inside a clothes drier.

Tonight Erica and Stoz hosted a trivia night for the kids and their parents. It was packed out - we couldn't fit any more tables in the marquee. I had to hand out the answer sheets, and afterwards I looked after the bookshop.