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Monday, June 28, 2004

Another 21st...

Going to Students for Christ State Conference, in Blampied (near Daylesford), in an hour. Back Friday night.

Went to Glenn (my cousin)'s baptism yesterday morning. Then went to his 21st that night. It started at 4:57pm and finished at 10:32pm. So it went for 5.5 hours and 5 minutes. Not Ashamed (Glenn's band) played a couple of sets, mostly covers. They dedicated 'Sadie Hawkins Dance' (Relient K) to Adam (my little bro') and Strange Laura (Strange Tim's little sister). Got back here (Ballarat) at about 1:30 this morning.

Also, I got my first 21st present. Nanna was getting both me and Glenn backpacks for our 21sts, so she got them for both of us at the same time, and I got mine early, which is good, because now I don't have to drag a suitcase around whenever I travel, and won't be tempted to leave it somewhere and be mistaken for a terrorist again and have the cops use my camera.