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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

You are not safe!
Yesterday morning I managed to obtain a lift from Ballarat to South Melbourne. However, once I'd gotten to South Melbourne, I still needed to get to my parents' place in Ferntree Gully. Therefore I would need to buy a ticket for the tram and train. So i left my extremely heavy suitcase at South Melbourne tram station, so I could get some money out of the bank.
When I came back to the station, my suitcase was gone. In my mind, there were two possible reasons for this: either someone had stolen it or someone had thought it must contain drugs or a bomb, and had called the fun stoppers. I decided to call the fun stoppers once I got to my parents' place.
Luckily I didn't need to waste the phone call, as I got just as my train was leaving, from Sgt Anthony Lastname at South Melbourne Fun Stopper Station. It turned out someone had thought I looked a bit suspicious, and called the cops. The cops had come to pick it up. And now I have to go back in to South Melbourne today and pick it up.